July 20th, 2008

Quotes - might be okay (demons)

Bandslash: Brendon/Shane

So today, I got up at lunchtime, spent three hours having coffee with my ex-boy-thing and wrote a 4500 word fic. That is not bad for a Saturday.

Brief canon to people on my flist who don't know but might care: this is Shane Valdes - Panic's videographer and Brendon's best friend and roommate. He's adorable and was very concerned about us getting squished at the Astoria concert. They have a dog called Dylan. (Also this is probably them - you see why I like this fandom? Look at our canon!)

Title: Destined For Anything At All
Pairing: Brendon/Shane
Rating: NC-17
Words ~4500
Disclaimer: Not real, didn't happen. For the love of God, Shane, don't read this.

A/N: I told this to emilyray in about 100 words last night and she told me to write it properly, so I did! She also betaed it for me and told me to add porn <333
A/N 2: I am suffering confusion over the correct spelling of Valdes/z so I decided to go with Spencer's Pretty. Odd. linear notes. Spencer knows his shit.

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